Core Course Requirements (15 units total)

PBI 200A Core Course Series – Fall Quarter (5 units) *taken the first year
PBI 200B Core Course Series – Winter Quarter (5 units) *taken the first year
PBI 200C Core Course Series – Spring Quarter (5 units) *taken the first year

Each student will complete his/her degree in one of 4 areas of specialization in (a) Cell and Developmental Biology; (b) Environmental and Integrative Biology; (c) Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genomics; or (d) Systematics and Evolutionary Biology.

M.S. students are required to choose an area of specialization and change in this area is subject to approval by a Master Advisor in writing or via email. The area of specialization will determine which electives are taken.

For Ph.D. students, the area of specialization determines the nature of the student’s elective coursework and the topics covered in the qualifying examination. The student chooses his/her area of specialization. A change in a student’s area of specialization requires approval from the Ph.D. program’s Master Adviser the student submits a written email request to the Master Adviser.

Please see the UCD Catalog for more information regarding courses including course descriptions