Admission Requirements

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Lori Bergum
PBI Graduate Group Coordinator
(530) 752-2981

Applicants for admission to the Plant Biology Graduate Group must present evidence of high intellectual achievement and possess the potential for successful graduate study. A level of scholastic achievement equivalent to that of a Bachelor's degree in biological sciences from a recognized college or university is required. An applicant must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be considered for admission. The applicant must submit one official transcript for each school attended, three letters of recommendation and GRE scores from an exam taken within the last five years. A GRE subject test is recommended, but not required. There is no minimum GRE score.

TOEFL or IELTS scores are also required if the applicant's native language is not English or if prior instruction has not been in English; applicants must meet the minimum scores required by the Office of Graduate Studies, found here:

Course Prerequisites

Applicants for admission should complete most of the following courses before enrolling at UC Davis. The courses should be substantively equivalent to courses offered at UCD. The chart below lists required courses generally, followed by their UCD equivalents. To view the course descriptions for the UCD courses, please see the UCD General Catalog:



UCD Equivalent


3 quarters/2 semesters

Biological Sciences: BIS 2A, B and C

Inorganic Chemistry

3 quarters/2 semesters

Chemistry: CHE 2A, B and C

Organic Chemistry

2 quarters/2 semesters

Chemistry: CHE 8A and B

Introductory Physics

2 quarters/2 semesters

Physics: PHE 7A and B


2 quarters/1 semester

Biological Sciences: BIS 102 and 103


2 quarters/1 semester

Mathematics: MAT 16A and B

Introductory Statistics

1 quarter/1 semester

Statistics: STA 100 or Plant Sciences: PLS 120


1 quarter/1 semester

Biological Sciences: BIS 101

Intro. Plant Physiology

1 quarter/1 semester

Plant Biology: PLB 111 or 112

Cell and Molecular Biology

1 quarter/1 semester

Plant Biology: PLB 113 or Biological Sciences: BIS 104

Ecol., Systematics and Evolution

1 quarter/1 semester

Evolution and Ecology: EVE 100, 140 or  141 or Plant Biology: PLB 108 or 117

Plant Development & Structure

1 quarter/1 semester

Plant Biology: PLB 105

Though students do not need to take all of these courses in order to be admitted to the Plant Biology Graduate Group, the PBI highly recommends that students complete as many of these courses as possible before matriculating at UC Davis. Limited deficiencies can be made up after admission to the graduate program, generally during the student's first year. Admitted students work with their Graduate Advisers to identify any deficiencies and the courses necessary to fulfill these deficiencies. Early completion of these courses allows students to focus on their graduate studies and to expedite the completion of their graduate degrees.