The Davis Community

UC Davis arboretum

The UC Davis arboretum.

Davis is home to the third largest campus of the University of California. It is a medium-sized city with small-town friendliness. Its residents are active in local, national and international political causes, in the arts and in a wide variety of community organizations.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find many beautiful recreational areas within a 70-mile drive from the city: Folsom Lake, Lake Berryessa, the Napa and Sonoma valleys, and the historic Mother Lode country. The Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe ski resorts and the coastal areas of Mendocino and Monterey are about 150 miles from Davis.

Students comprise nearly half of the town's population of 50,000, making Davis truly a "college town." There are numerous bookstores, coffee houses and restaurants in the downtown area adjacent to the campus.

Sacramento, the state capitol, is just 15 miles to the east and San Francisco is only 72 miles to the southwest. Both cities offer ballet, sporting events, theater and other entertainment. Winters in Davis are generally mild. It rarely snows, but is often foggy and rainy. Summers are sunny and hot with the temperature often exceeding 100 degrees F. Temperatures fall back into the fifties during the night due to "Delta breezes"--cool air masses that move from San Francisco bay and follow the Sacramento river north.